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I am Nida Riaz, a university graduate in Environmental Sciences. I am a passionate environmentalist and a freelance writer based in Pakistan. I started freelancing when the world came to a stop in early 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

My journey started with writing 4 weekly blogs for my very favorite, Conservation Made Simple, a US-based environmental NGO. Ever since, I have written over 30 blogs & long-form articles about environmental pollution, problems with invasive species, and how scientists are looking for answers to human evolution in the animal kingdom. And there's more to come!

Here's how they testified my work on Upwork! Their kind reviews have always encouraged me and made me confident in myself.

I continued my journey through Fiverr for some time and delivered quality products. By the end of 2020, I had another great opportunity to handle 3 different blogs for my client. The content centered on Jewelry (diamond), candles, and Personal Development niches. The projects took more than 3 months & I really enjoyed crafting fluff-free content in these niches where redundancy is at its peak!

Halfway through 2021, I have already worked on various projects I was hired for through different platforms, including Legiit. And, guess what? I got 5-star reviews for the quality of my work and fast delivery. 

My recent works include writing SEO content blogs about;

  1. Environmental Issues & Awareness
  2. Sustainable & Eco-friendly Living
  3. Environment-friendly Businesses & Products 
  4. Gardening, particularly indoor plants
  5. DIY Blogs (Candle, Jewelry, Soap)
  6. Pets and pet products
  7. Long-form Articles
  8. Product Descriptions
  9. Review Articles
  10. Website content

I believe in delivering informative content that is easy to grasp even for a school/college grader. I am adept at keyword and content research to deliver SEO-optimized quality content. Feel free to have a look at my work.

Have a look at my testimonials and my work. 


Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs

Being an environmentalist, I have always been passionate to write to raise awareness about environmental problems, climate crises, increasing plastic pollution, and ways to reduce our carbon and plastic footprints to make our planet green and livable again. Here are a few pieces on how to make our lives more sustainable.

Since the projects were ghost-written, I can't present all of blogs. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

The rise in zero waste living

There exist several definitions and explanations, but does it matter as long as the underlying context stays the same. Zero-waste living is a path-breaking movement of the 21st century to reduce and ultimately eliminates the amount of waste that has been produced. It is more focused on reducing the amounts of wastes that we produce as an individual or a society. You might be going insane wondering “is there even such a thing as zero waste?” At the very moment, NO.
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels

12 Ways to reduce your carbon footprint in your kitchen

Here are the 12 painless habits you can adopt to reduce your carbon footprint right from your kitchen. The beginning is always the hardest, but with simple swaps in your food choices, growing your own veggies or shopping at the local market, composting food waste, using biodegradable products and eco-friendly appliances, you can cut down your carbon footprint significantly.
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

PLA: biodegradable compostable plastic

Bioplastic is often cited as the best alternative to plastic petrol-based plastic. As the name conveys, bioplastic is made from a family of different organic sources. Each has its unique properties and applications and can be reverted into its smallest constituents (e.g., carbon dioxide, oxygen, and ammonia). They are naturally degradable, produced less carbon, and are less toxic; they don’t contain phthalates or bisphenol-A (BPA); endocrine hormone disrupters are found in petroleum-derived plastic.


A garden is nothing but a healthy environment. With its rich organic soil, vibrant-colored flowers, and lush shady trees, it transforms not only our landscapes but also our inner environment. Taking care of your garden and outdoor/indoor plants is as important as taking care of one's self. Why because they feast our eyes, supply fresh air to our lungs, and knit our souls to Mother Nature. Here, in our house, we have grown various indoor and outdoor native plants. I love writing about plants as much as I love taking care of them. 

Since the projects were ghost-written, I can't present all of blogs. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

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Thank you for going through my portfolio. I am available for any opportunity to polish my skills and add to my portfolio.

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Nida Riaz